YOU can make your own drum!


You can make your very own, high quality  drum to play for years to come!  You will sand the drum shell smooth and prepare it for painting, then apply a base color.  


Splatter Paint, Sponge Paint, Finger Paint if you want!  Tie-dye a real goat skin drum head and attach it using traditional methods.  This YOUR artistic creation and however you choose to make it is perfect!


There is a certain magic when you play a musical instrument created entirely by YOU!  This drum will continue to sound great and bring smiles for many, many years!

Drum Making at Claxton Elementary

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The drum making programs are best suited for ages 10 and up, but younger kids can be partnered with an adult when needed.  

We can work with small and large groups, and it is not just for kids!  

Pricing, scheduling and logistics are determined on an individual basis.  

Book now and get started making your very on drum!

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