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Steve Turner - Artist, Chief Drum Maker

Additional Information

Steve Turner has been making drums since he was 19 years old.  He has been making them for almost 30 years now.  To hear him tell it, the first drum he made was really ugly.   So were the next 20.  It took a while for them to take shape, but his determination to the point of stubborn-ness as well as some gentle pushing from family and friends he began to find his way.  Over the years he would travel the country selling his drums at art shows, festivals, concerts, and even the beach.  The preferred sales technique was to put a bunch of drums out for people to play in the hopes they would fall in love with the drum and take it home.  

What happened was he fell in love with helping people find their own rhythm and  connecting people with those around them through music and movement.  

However he never lost his love for creating custom drums, didgeridoo and artistic musical instruments.  Each drum is cut, glued and turned and dyed on the lathe.  Drums are headed with goat, cow, mule and even sometimes camel as well as a synthetic called mylar.  

Because of the nature of art, no two drums are the same, however, he can make them by themes.  Steve is inspired by nature so he make his drums to reflect colors of the ocean, desert, forest, swamp, sky, autumn, and whatever colors speak to him at he moment of creation.  Each drum is not only a hand crafted piece of art, each has a unique and resonant sound with deep bass and crisp high end sounds.  The drum is played from the heart so if you are smiling, you are doing it right!


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Each drum is has a unique  sound, look and feel - just like you!  We love to make drums custom for you and how you want it!  Please contact us to discuss your preferences and we can make YOUR drum!  Prices vary depending on size, materials and customizations.  (727) 643.8773 

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