Interactive Drum Circles

Corporate Teambuilding, Conferences, Ice Breakers

Bring your team together for a unique and exciting experience they will remember and talk about for years!

Schools and Youth Orginizations

Imagine a group of kids, smiling and drumming together, dancing with their peers and celebrating drum circles TOGETHER!

Special Needs Groups and Juvenile Detention Centers

All humans need connection, no matter the ability or choices we've made.  Drum Circles can provide that opportunity to be closer to our community and learn how to believe in ourselves!

Senior Centers

Age is how many times we have traveled around the sun, and no matter how long you've been on the journey - everyone likes to drum!  

Festivals and Events

Large or small - drumming is one of the few activities an entire group can experience together!  This is a uniquly interactive activity sure to bring laughter and excitement to any gathering!

Drum Circle Set-Up

We will need a covered space, chairs for each participant if possible and access to power for our portable PA system.  Click here to learn more.

Contact Us about Drum Circles

Please include desired date/dates of event and approximate number of participants - Thank You!

Giving Tree Music, Inc.

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