Rhythm changes everyone...

Rhythm-Changes.org is your chance to truly make a difference!

We exist to share these opportunities for  joy, connection, and empowerment with our most underserved communities.  Special needs groups, mixed abilities, medically challenged, at risk and incarcerated youth can all find a place to let go and be with each other in the moment.   

The drum is the vehicle for change.

This is not a drum lesson, this is an opportunity to reach out and be together.  Regardless of what obstacles we face - it's always better to have support from those around us.  Our programs and activities are designed to bring people closer to each other and to ourselves.  

Drums don't hit back...

Regardless of how you feel when you start playing drums, you feel better when you are done.  The drum circle is a perfect environment to release emotions safely and constructively, while having fun - and even better, sounding Awesome!  

Please have a look at our video below to see what we do!

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Giving Tree Music at PARC

Our Community Partners

Give Day Caravan

We get together with our favorite non-profit friends and caravan around the Tampa Bay area, bringing our respective programs to several areas in our community.

Bess the Book Bus

Bess the Book bus travels around the Tampa Bay area and all across the USA giving away free books and reading aloud to kids - all in an effort to create lifelong readers.

Boards for Bros

Boards for Bros travels the Tampa Bay area and all across the USA giving away free skateboards and teaching kids in underserved communities how to skate.


With the mission of "art for ALL' NOMAD has facilitates interactions connecting people —many of whom have little to no access to art programming— to their creativity.

Blue Bird Book Bus

Founded in 2011, the Blue Bird book bus spreads book culture throughout the land, roaming Florida’s Bay area and beyond to promote reading, expression, and craft.

Little Light of Mine

Little Light of Mine provides complimentary professional photography services to families in the Tampa Bay area who have a child fighting a life-threatening illness.

We need your help, please...

Those who can benefit most, receive the least.

Even the smallest donations can help us tremendously!  We use all funding to bring drumming, drum making, enrichment programming and our amazing  community partners to underserved populations across the United States.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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