Giving Tree Music and Village Music Circles Present:

3 Day Drum Circle Facilitators Playshop

For Who?
Music Educators, Teachers, Therapists, Event Organizers, Group Leaders, and more. Musical Skill is not required, just a willingness to listen and a passion for learning and sharing your spirit! 

Earn your Basic Drum Circle Facilitators Certificate with this inspiring 20 hour immersive training!


Giving Tree Music is a Certified VMC Global Trainer and proud member of the VMC Global Trainers Team

We offer:

- 1 day introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation Training 

- 3 day Basic Drum Circle Facilitators Playshops 

- 3 day Challenge Drum Circle Facilitation Playshops -  and more!


Watch our AMAZING Tampa Bay 2020 Playshop in Dunedin Florida

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Upcoming 3 Day Playshops!

Miami Playshop - October 23-25, 2020 at the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts

Miami Playshop - October 23-25, 2020 at the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts

Miami Playshop - October 23-25, 2020 at the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts


12770 SW 125th Ave. Suite 101 Miami, FL

Cost: $375

Early Bird Discount- $50 off when registered by September 1st!

Tampa Bay Playshop - Jan 29-31, 2021 Scottish Heritage Society Hall

Miami Playshop - October 23-25, 2020 at the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts

Miami Playshop - October 23-25, 2020 at the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts


1134 Douglas Ave Dunedin FL

Cost: $375

Early Bird Discount- $50 off when registered by December 1st!

Learning together, Sharing with YOUR Community!


Immerse yourself in the experience of the moment...

We will spend three days together, learning, practicing, understanding and implementing new and amazing techniques and methods of engaging YOUR community with rhythm based activities!


Explore your creativity

Expand on the edge of your learning - in a fun and supportive environment!  Use this knowledge as a platform for your own individual creativity!!  All techniques and tools can be adapted to suit any specific population.  


The Village Music Circles Global Trainers

We are proud to be a part of the Village Music Circles Global Trainers Team.  Together we offer Drum Circle Facilitators Trainings and many other Rhythm Based Events around the  World - UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, USA, and Canada! 


Bring Social Emotional Learning to YOUR Community

Over the past 20 years, Village Music Circles™ has trained over 5000 Drum Circle Facilitators in 15 countries.  

As a member of the VMC Global Training Team - Giving Tree Music is very proud to carry on that tradition.

This impactful and exciting learning experience is for anyone seeking to use music as a joyful tool to empower and unite people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Join the fun and learn how you can -

Build Your Community Through Rhythm! 

Village Music Circles™ Facilitation Trainings teach the techniques and skills required to successfully lead rhythm-based events for small or large groups.

This is for the classroom, community gathering, recreation center or anywhere you want to add some rhythm and joy!

All VMC programs promote core community building values and utilize the Drum Circle Facilitation techniques developed by Arthur Hull.


3 Day Basic Drum Circle Facilitators Playshops

Participants of the training will -

-Gain knowledge and a practical understanding of Social Emotional Learning techniques and activities to share with your target population.  

-Learn improvisational rhythm techniques, games and activities to motivate your classroom and community.

-Learn techniques to "teach without teaching" 

-Learn deep listening skills and practices.  

-Develop the facilitation skills necessary to lead rhythm events. 

-Receive immediate feedback on skills learned. 

-Develop a critique-technique process for skills learning. 

-Explore personal facilitation techniques and styles based on your target population. 

-Understand how to apply these facilitation skills to diverse populations. 

-Help coordinate and facilitate a family friendly community drum circle for your friends, family and local community! 

The program format will include group instruction, discussions and small group activities using movement, voice, instruments and improvisational rhythm games to demonstrate and explore facilitation techniques and styles.  

L earn to successfully facilitate rhythm-based events  

E xperience the power of community building through rhythm!  

A ctivate! Motivate!  Empower! Rhythm for fun and learning  

D iscover the camaraderie and spirit of playing music together!  

Program Content: Drum Call • Stop Cuts • Sculpting • Song Development

This training will empower you to build a rhythm community while exploring the foundational elements of drum circle facilitation. Learn powerful facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence to successfully lead a rhythm event for a variety of diverse populations.  

Packed with information and hands-on experience both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe, supportive environment. Upon completion of this training, you will have the tools needed to share the joy of rhythm with your community!  

In 20+ hours of training, participants will have extensive practice opportunities in the facilitation techniques and the skills needed to lead a drum circle event for a variety of populations.  

Group instruction and discussions combined with small group activities using movement, voice, musical instruments and improvisational rhythm games. Critique and feedback are an important part of the learning process.  

Opportunities for networking with other music professionals and  community leaders.  A chance to be both inspired and inspiring.   

Bring the Joy of Social Emotional Learning to Your Classroom and Your Community!

Learn rhythm games, techniques and activities to immediately use in whatever population YOU play with!

Spark joy and inspire a life-long love of music and connection in your community!

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