Our Team

Steve Turner

Steve is the Founder and Lead Drum Circle Facilitator of Giving Tree Music. Steve has been doing Giving Tree Music for over 20 years.

Paul Gavin

Paul is a Lead Drum Circle Facilitator with Giving Tree Music. He is also the creator of Stand Up, Speak Up and handles the social media for the group as well. 

Ismael Delgado

Ismael facilitates drum making programs and drum circles and also co-facilitates  with Paul and Steve. He manages production and repairs for Giving Tree Music.

Amber Hall

Amber Hall is a Drum Circle Facilitator with Giving Tree Music. She's based in North Florida and is especially focused on her work in  Senior Centers and Youth Detention Centers.

Meghan Cronin

Meghan can often be found in Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona and the many places in between.  A free spirit and a wonderful facilitator, particularly with seniors and pre-schools.   

Doris Dimon

Doris is the one who holds us together behind the scenes.  She handles paperwork, contracting and invoices and accounting.  She seriously rocks.  

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