Drumming with Seniors

Whatever stage in life we are at - we will always need each other.

Age is how many times we have been around the sun, and no matter how many times we make the journey - we keep seeking connection to those around us!  Drumming together is a perfect opportunity to forge those connectioins. 

Seniors LOVE to drum!

We drum, sing, dance and laugh together while making wonderful music.  Drumming is great exercise both physically and cognitively, stimulating both the mind and body.  We always have a great time - and for many seniors, it is something new and different!

All ability levels welcome!

We drum with active senior communities to memory care units.  Care givers are encouraged to participate as well - the true purpose is to build community in your center and those caregivers are an incredibly vital part of that community.   

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Giving Tree Music, Inc.

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